Two Family in Avondale

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As I said in the email that you probably read, fix and rent this house and it will rain money forever. But it’s gonna take a bit of doing.

This is a pretty big house and it will need the usual blah, blah, blah but in addition to that, it’s going need some serious carpentry on the back exterior staircase structure. Since this structure is holding up the upstairs kitchen, you need to know what you’re doing.

That said, at this price, it’s hard to go wrong.

Here is the pricing: If you can pay cash you will only need to part with a mere $5,900 to buy it. If you want or need terms the price is $7,900 with a grand down and payments of 200 bucks a month at 12% for ~42 months. Easy monthly payments. Ahhhhhhh.

Watch the video. It’s interesting and awesome.