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A potential RETAIL DEAL in Price Hill?
Yep…if you’re brave.

Have you heard of the “Incline District” of Price Hill? Rehabbed houses sell there for $150,000 and up. And this house is within a block of it.

It’s one of those awesome, cool homes that, were it in Oakley, would be worth half a million, easy…

Watch the video to see what I mean, although the video doesn’t quite do it justice…Big rooms, high ceilings, hardwood floors, butler’s pantries (yes, plural, it’s a 2 family), it’s brick, 2 car garage, pocket doors, natural woodwork, a private yard with extra lots…

…if only it didn’t need EVERYTHING to make it livable.

So here’s the scoop. You buy it for the unquestionably killer price of $15,900. You rehab it and put it on the market at $150,000. If the market isn’t quite ready for this house on this street (only a couple of the properties on it have been renovated), you rent a 2 family with a 3 bedroom 1 bath unit and a 4 bedroom 1.5 bath unit for a total of $1500/mo for a couple of years, then look like a genius when you sell it for a big profit later. Or rent it forever—it’ll be a money maker for you. We don’t care.

And at our investor pricing, there is a lot of room to succeed here.

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