Unlike many wholesalers, we’ve thought long & hard about how to make sure we remain the most respected business in the market by continuing to sell the best deals around. Years of experience have gone into the formulation of these policies. If you don’t like ’em, get your own wholesaling business!


1. We won’t sell you a deal that we don’t think you can handle.
Cry all you want, but if we think the deal is too complicated for your level of experience, we won’t sell it to you. Yes, there are a lot of wholesalers who seem to specialize in selling new investors “great” deals. Problem is, if you don’t have the experience, or the resources, to actually DO the deal, you’re gonna get fleeced whether it’s the wholesaler’s intention or not. We prefer to err on the side of caution and protect our reputation by being willing to say, “this particular deal isn’t right for you, newbie”. If you think you have special circumstances and/or experience that makes you a better risk than the number of deals you have done would indicate, let us know in the “other things we should know” section of the buyers form.


2. We will never lie to you about market value of a property or the repair costs.
If we say a property is worth $x and the rehab cost should be $y, that’s because our 2+ decades in the Ohio and Kentucky real estate markets say it’s so–NOT because we “need” the numbers to be like that in order to make the deal look good. NONETHELESS, we insist that you also run your own numbers, using your own sources and costs. We know you like us, we know you trust us, but this is not friendship–it’s business. And in business there’s a proper way to do things and that involves independent verification.

3. We give ten percent of the profit from each deal to charity.
And no, you are not a charity. You may, however, suggest a favorite charity for the donation from any deal you buy. We will try to honor your request as long as it does not conflict with our strong libertarian/capitalist principles.

Not only do we hold firm to these principals, we also challenge our fellow wholesalers to do the same. We believe that wholesalers who sell good deals to people who can and will renovate them for resale or affordable rental provide a service to both their colleagues and the community. And we believe that wholesalers who don’t understand their own businesses well enough to operate them legally, or who take advantage of buyers who don’t know any better, or who put profits above fairness or relationships, should be hung by their private parts until dead.