Mt Auburn Brick Single Fam

$12,900 Cash
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Mt Auburn is probably the hottest area in Cincinnati. The housing stock has always been amazing and now the rest of the world is starting to discover it.

We have a deal for sale on a big brick house on the edge of the “already being gentrified” area. This is an very rare opportunity to get in before the market goes insane.

This is not for the weak. The numbers are greatĀ and solid, but this is a pretty big rehab. This is a months long job that will require money, planning, vision and level-headedness.

If you have not already done a major rehab (say North of 40 grand in expenses), don’t bother asking. I’m not gonna sell it to you.

If you have done that kind of serious rehab before, take a good long look at this. The upside isĀ MASSIVE. I speak the plain truth.

Click the picture to see a no bs video of the house.

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