Hamilton Single Family

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This is a little unusual for us but we have a great deal in Hamilton. Like Hamilton, Ohio. Somewhere not too far to the North of us, or so the rumor goes.

Here’s the skinny: Six room, three bedroom, one bath Single Family. In addition to the usual patch/paint, stuff it needs a trash out. Sellers are not willing to do it even though it would sell for a lot more if they did.

The only real hassle here is that it has a relatively minor foundation problem. The house isn’t falling down, there were tenants in it just a couple of months ago, but the City is aware and they want it fixed all above board and correct. Ugh.

The BIG upside is that because of the hassle, it’s super cheap.

$5,900 cash
$6,900 with 2 grand down

That, my friends, is cheap.

Watch the video. I don’t have a view of the basement at all (I didn’t shoot the vid!) but I’m happy to get you in so you can see it for yourself.

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