Local Inventory is Down…at Least for SOME People…

A recent report by Mark Heyne from WXVU shocked the local real estate market with some surprising numbers.

Sales last month were down 7% from last year!  That makes slim pickings for real estate investors on the open market. See the full article here: (link)

Of course, OUR buyers haven’t noticed any difference, because our off-market deals just keep coming and coming and coming—and, unlike the super-competitive MLS, we sell at bargain prices.

If you’re in the market for great deals, JOIN OUR BUYER’S LIST TODAY! Then, when we get a deal that works for you, we’ll directly contact you with all the details.

No more fighting over the limited inventory in MLS.

No more overpriced deals or making “offers” to sellers holding out for top dollar.

Just great investor deals for rehab or rental, week in and week out.

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Hat Tip: WVXU



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